ECL Equipment Company provides on-premise commercial laundry (OPL) equipment and services to all types of facilities across the Carolinas’. We have built our business on providing unmatched service and the best laundry solutions to a wide variety of commercial laundry applications.

We recognize that “time is money” and that our customers not only require the best  laundry equipment that offer the highest production capability, but also demand that we back our products with service by factory-trained technicians who are dedicated to keeping your machines running.

For commercial laundry facilities, we know how to save you money. We analyze the main components of your laundry operation: equipment, labor, utility, and linen expense. We recognize that labor and utilities are variables that we can control. We offer a Free Laundry Analysis that offers methods on how you may increase your production and reduce your expenses. Please feel free to request a Free Laundry Analysis from our sales professionals.

ECL Equipment provides a solution for any type of business that requires Professional Laundry Equipment including:

Hotels and Motels

Apartment Complexes


Nursing Homes and Residential care facilities

Pet Kennels and Horse Farms

Schools and athletic departments

Spas and salons

Dry Cleaners

Hospitals and Dr Offices

Camp Grounds


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